Monogram FAQ

What colours can you monogram?

You can choose from 12 colours to monogram.

There are 2 silk scarf styles:

Colour type on white:

White type on colour:

What are the sizes of the monogram silk scarf?

2 Sizes 130x130cm and 130x200cm.

What font do you monogram?

We monogram in Didionesque Bold.

Other Fonts will be offered shortly.

How many letters can I monogram on my scarf?

You can use up to 3 letters.

If you wish to use more letters please contact us and we can quote on this Special Order.

What is the printing process?

We digitally print your scarf.

Digital printing allows one off production.

Can I see a Proof?

Yes - we will email you a proof prior to printing.

Is the Digital Print colour fast?

The print process is Ink Jet that uses clothing dye.

The end product is as durable as any other dyed silk product.

We turn you attention to the care instructions that are sewn onto the product.